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  LISTEN NOW  BEETxBEET PODCAST | EP006 | Holiday Survival With Jason Wrobel   Today on the show is Jason Wrobel, a vegan chef and wellness expert whom you might know from the first primetime cooking series on the Cooking Chanel called How to Live to 100 or maybe from his popular YouTube channel the J-Wro Show or maybe his new Cookbook Eaternity which dropped this year or if you are in LA you might have seen him perform his hilarious stand up act at a local comedy club. A jack of all trades, a creature of habit, a devout cat lover Jason Wrobel brings his A game in this episode as we sift through many vegan myths, dive into...

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PODCAST EP005 | Andy Tabar

LISTEN NOW  Andy Tabar is an animal rights activist and the founder of the t-shirt company Compassion Co. which boasts beautiful illustrative artwork on environmentally friendly tees in order to affect social change by setting a positive example and creating opportunities for conversations with others. Andy has been a vegan for 9 years and was involved in the hardcore/punk rock scene for many years after starting a band in high school. Through his travels with his band he found veganism and a love of t-shirts in art form. From this Compassion Co was born. Now a nomad on the road to conquer as many veg fests as possible, Andy blows my mind with his minimal living philosophy traveling around the...

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BxB Podcast | EP003 | Vanessa Espinoza

“I challenge people to give it a try and see how much better you feel, how much better your workouts are gonna be, your recovery time…I feel like I can work out twice a day, day after day after day and it’s not just because I’m super human, it’s because I’m fueling my body with the right foods and I swear by it.” - Vanessa Espinoza aka Plant-Based Muscle ------------------------------------------Our guest on todays episode is Vanessa Espinoza. Vanessa explains how she has built her rock hard body over the years through dedication, commitment and consistency relying on plants as a way to achieve her best self. Proving her worth in the weight room and in the boxing ring Vanessa brings...

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BEETxBEET Podcast EP 002 with Dustin Watten

"3% of the American population is protein deficient and that's just people with eating disorders, so it's just an absolute myth." - Dustin Watten------------------------------------------Today on the show is vegan professional athlete Dustin Watten. Born in Long Beach California, Dustin has played volleyball since the age of 14. He started playing for the American team in 2009 when he was invited to try out for the squad taking part in the Pan American Cup in Mexico. The team made the final which went to five sets in a tight contest against Canada. Dustin came on as a substitute and America went on to win gold. The match remains Dustin’s proudest career moment. Dustin shares his tips on how you can be...

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BxB PODCAST 001 with Ruby Roth

You guys! Guess what!? We started a podcast!  This is the first of a series we are starting called Vegan Myth Busters. We will be chatting with several active inspirational leaders in the community to bust common myths about the vegan lifestyle as they give their expert advice and drop some knowledge to set the record straight for those who are less informed. What we would love to accomplish with this series is to expand the minds of those who might be skeptical or have questions about the vegan lifestyle. So this podcast is not for vegans only, it’s for everyone so please share with your friends and family. and whoever you think might benefit from it. Our first guest...

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