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Creation of BEETxBEET

Creation of BEETxBEET

It was all a dream.
I used to rely on boxed mac' n' cheese.

 But then I become aware of what I was putting into my body. Through the ever so popular Netflix documentaries (Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead, Forks Over Knives, Vegucated, Food Inc, etc.) that open my eyes so wide I couldn't believe such things were happening in this world. It made sense to me to change my lifestyle. I already loved to cook but quickly I became consumed with reading the latest vegan recipe blogs while testing things out in the kitchen. I started researching the latest topics on things happening to our environment and seeing how animals were really being treated. I learned about different causes and figured out why it's important to buy organic. Since I made this choice I have never looked back and I don't think I ever will. I became so passionate about it and finally realized my calling. I combined two of my loves - Graphic Design and Veganism. 

I want to spread awareness about all things healthy! Especially showing the world a view of what being Vegan really is all about. Before I became vegan I had this huge stigma attached to what I thought being vegan meant or looked like. What a bunch of animal loving, tree huggin' hippies! I don't get it. How could you not eat meat? That is so weird. I could never do that. 

I think the question I get asked most is "What do you eat?". A lot of people tend to think vegans have a lot of limitations and so little to consume. Now that might be true if you live in an area that doesn't have many vegan/vegetarian options for dining out. But, if we are talking in general sense, there's a plethora of amazing legumes, grains, veggies, and fruits out there with endless mouthwatering possibilities of how they get whipped up and put in my belly. I think the world needs to open their eyes a little more and become more aware of not only where their food comes from but also the effects of what is happening to our environment as a result. My goal is to educate and inspire others to make a change in their lives or just help bring a new perspective to mind. 

Join me in spreading the word.

Saving the planet one vegan at a time.



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  • Sorry for the late reply Sasha and Mara.

    We originally started BEETxBEET concerned about getting the message out first. We have been working very hard to switch over our line to being all organic/fair-trade. While we are aware of the impact it makes and the importance we struggle as a small company to be able to afford to do everything at once. It is actually very difficult to have an all organic clothing line as a small company. I am the only one funding the company. We have started with our GMO and Monsanto Tees being 100% organic and made in the USA. Next we will be introducing more of the line to being 100% cotton made in LA. We are concerned about our customer base as well. Providing organic garments certainly ups the price of our t-shirts so we do not want to scare away our fans and current customer base. We have been doing much research and work to figure out a work-around on this matter that would allow us to keep the cost similar to where it is now while providing the 100% Organic and Faire Trade labels. We would love to offer more transparency and let you know that it is our number one goal and we take the matter very seriously. It is just taking some time to get there. We would also need to educate consumers at the same time to be aware of why buying organic is so important. We are ready to do that we just need the time and the capitol to reach that goal. Thank you so much for your interest and support during this time.

    I can also let you know all of the garments we use do not come from sources that use sweat shops and most of the brands used are made in the USA and/or have sustainable practices. Thank you.

  • I too had the same question – I am a conscious consumer as well and only purchase clothing that is fair trade and organic.

  • Hi Jacky,
    Kudos to you for spreading the word. I’ve been vegetarian-turned-vegan for over 20 years, and recently I’ve tried be be a lot more conscious of where my clothing comes from. Are you sources for your cotton mostly if not all fair-trade and organic? I just want to do my part to support farmers who treat their workers well and refrain from using GMOs and pesticides. Thank you so much again for what you’re doing!

    sasha levine

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