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Our Story

Born from a love of music and food, BEETxBEET (Pronounced "BEET(by)BEET") is a high end streetwear lifestyle brand committed to spreading awareness and raising consciousness around the choices we make everyday.

It's all about taking one step at a time to make positive choices.

What we eat, what we wear, how we treat animals, ourselves and others makes an impact. Using the medium as the message we hope to inspire you to plant seeds, provoke thoughts, conversations and ideas that get spread globally just by wearing our apparel.

BxB draws on inspiration from music, art, skate, street, tattoo, moto and 90's cultures.


Jacky Wasserman started BEETxBEET in 2014 after struggling to find a vegan t-shirt that fit her style. A graphic designer by trade, Jacky's career in the fashion industry was ignited after winning a t-shirt design contest for Obey Clothing in 2008. Since going vegan in 2012, she combined her passion for the lifestyle, industry knowledge and design skills to bring BxB to life. The brand is influenced by her love of food, music, streetart and streetwear fashion.

Jacky has created collaborations with Mercy For Animals, Eat Drink Vegan and Follow Your Heart. BEETxBEET has been featured in publications such as VegNews, VegOut, and Livekindly. In 2018, BEETxBEET was voted Best Fashion Label by Veg News Magazine's Veggie Awards. The brand is involved in supporting animal rights and social justice causes by donating a portion of proceeds from sales to organizations when able to do so. Currently, Jacky focuses on running BEETxBEET and DJing for fun.

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