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3 Dance Aerobics Workouts You Must Try!

3 Dance Aerobics Workouts You Must Try!

You’ve probably been trying some home workouts you can do to keep active and not feel like a total couch potato lately. Doing dance aerobics classes during the quarantine has brought back memories of me in my 20’s having “living room dance parties” with my friends and tons of alcohol having so much fun not caring about anything. Anyway, here’s a few I’ve done that are great to get that blood flowing and put a smile on your face.




Follow along to the choreographed moves or do your own thang with instructor Emilia. No judgment or shame here, PonySweat provides a message of inclusivity and body-positivity. It’s all about doing moves that make your body feel good.


Expect to hear music from the likes of Peaches, the Cure, Santigold, Nine Inch Nails, Robyn, Prince, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Cyndi Lauper, Bikini Kill and Missy Elliott to name a few.


1 Hour Classes offered via Zoom for $5. Sign up on their website:





Owner of dance studio, The Sweatspot in LA, Ryan hosts weekly Instagram Lives for free! It’s worth it to note he has been nominated for two Grammy’s for choreographing music videos with Arcade Fire and Sia.

Follow along to this cardio infused dance party with instructions from Ryan throughout. Beginning with some warm up moves you will transition into some yoga inspired poses and stretches into full on dance party and repeat! 

Expect to hear high energy electronic dance music (the good kind) for the most part and maybe the Hand Jive while shaking your booty! Playlists also provided on Spotify.

While the classes are free he does accept donations via PayPal. Find out schedule and info via his IG account: @ryan.heffington.

Ryan Heffington




This event has been going on for years and started as an early morning dance party that people could attend before they went to work. Now, it’s exploded in popularity and luckily are offering online dance party streams. Expect some Yoga to start then dancing in your themed get up!

Classes are normally 2 hours and happen every Saturday. The fun part is that they are all themed! Examples are: 80’s Aerobics, Animal Party, Disco House Party to name a few. Check the website to view schedule and sign up for tickets. Early birds start at $11 and go up to $15. Donations are accepted if you’re in a financial hardship. Learn more at @dybrkr.





Fitness accounts to follow that offer great free workout videos!


YOGA W ADRIENE offering free yoga videos for beginner-intermediate skill level. Check out her YouTube Channel here



by Nimai Delgado & Bianca Taylor offering coaching, programs and nutrition advice



Ana Alarcon offering simple vegan recipes and simple workouts



offering coaching, programs, meal plans, home workouts



Lita Lewis offering a paid app and free videos on her YT or IG account. She also partnered with Self Magazine and has a videos on their YT that are great workouts.


. . .


What are your favorite dance aerobics or workout accounts. Let me know in the comments below!


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