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Hot Tongue x BEETxBEET Collab

Hot Tongue x BEETxBEET Collab

I teamed up with my friends Alex & Jackie Koons from Silverlake's new all vegan pizza joint, Hot Tongue to create exclusive limited edition merch. We are super stoked on this collab and love how the final product came out. Alex and I worked closely together on choosing the garment and picking out the colors of the tie dye. He got to see an insider perspective on creating custom dye washes in our local dye house. 

Alex is co-owner of Purgatory Pizza which already offers a vast selection of vegan options that I must say are amazing. He has taken his experience there and set out to develop a space that is 100% vegan working tirelessly with his wife Jackie to create the perfect slice. Even down to the homemade ranch dressing which is my favorite! 

I asked Alex a few questions about the new spot. You can expect Hot Tongue to open this summer so stay tuned!




BxB: What was your inspiration for starting Hot Tongue and how did you choose the name?


AK: The last band I made a record with was named Hot Tongue. It's also a side dish at the famous “Langer’s Deli” which really has nothing vegan there which is kind of ironic, but is still a badass spot in LA.


The inspirations of Hot Tongue’s birth are immense, so I will pick this one.. I love cooking without dairy and meat because of the challenge. I love eating out. It’s one of my favorite things to do. It’s easy to over indulge, in everything. That’s why I love when I can sit down for a properly portioned meal with healthy ingredients and explosions of flavor, and 30 min after my meal I can feel lite as a feather. I hate feeling lethargic, lazy or “full.” I like feeling fed. Every time I create something I keep that in mind. 


BxB: What is your favorite part about creating a recipe for damn good pizza?


AK: Creating something out of nothing. I used to love writing songs.  Starting out with a blank logic file and turning it into something other people can play in their car is quite a magical experience. That excitement translates to food. Creating something tasty in the kitchen and being able to share the creation with someone is incredible. Sharing something that is going to literally become part of someone else. It’s pretty astounding taking a step back and thinking about that.



BxB: What was important for you when putting together your menu?


AK: With Hot Tongue our approach has been simple. We don’t want to overdue anything. Everything is minimal. The sauces, the toppings and the dough are straightforward. Down to the names of menu items. The crust, the dough process and the heart that goes into the food that’s where we started, that’s what’s important.


BxB: If you could eat pizza with anyone you admire (like a celebrity or artist etc) dead or alive who would it be and why?


AK: Ye. I think it would be a rather exciting slice.

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