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Make WFH Easier With These 6 Tips:

Make WFH Easier With These 6 Tips:


There’s some distance between us these days with our world turned upside down from CV19. It’s hard to get motivated or keep the same structure and routine’s you had before. All of the sudden you don’t know what day it is and at 6pm on Monday you’re still in your jammies. Oopsie.  
Take it from me, a WFH veteran, I’m no stranger to the distractions and comfort that come with working at home. It takes a bit of time to adjust but I’m confident you’ll have more productive days with these helpful tips:


Get Dressed


#1: Get Dressed

Wearing your PJ’s all day sounds fun at first but after a while you start to forget where the work day starts and the job ends. Boost your mood by getting ready as you normally would to go into the office. It will make you feel like you’re switching into work mode instead of staying in lazy mode.

Morning Routine#2: Create A Morning Routine

Now is a perfect time to create a new routine that is going to help your mental health.

If you normally went to the gym before work consider your at home options like jogging in your neighborhood or YouTube videos like Yoga With Adrienne. After waking up do a short meditation to let yourself breath and let go of anxieties for the day.

Eat Breakfast

#3 Eat Breakfast

A lot of people skip breakfast but it’s the most important part of the day. Don’t @ me! Instead of jumping right into work take a minute to eat a chia pudding bowl or peanut butter banana toast. Your mind and body will be fueled and ready to go instead of starving by 11am and scrambling to find something to snack on which, in my case, normally is a bag of chips.


Clean Your Space

#4 Clean Your Space

Having a dedicated space that feels like a work environment will help you feel more productive. I don’t know about you but when there’s clutter around me I can’t focus. Try to tidy it up at the end of each day so you’re organized for the next. Before you start working make sure your schedule is set up for the day so you aren’t wasting time figuring out what to do next. Utilize apps like Wunderlist for to-do’s.


Take A Break

#5 Take A Break

Schedule a lunch break away from your desk. Get outside an enjoy a walk around the block to feel refreshed and clear your head. I definitely wouldn’t recommend going to the couch and turning on Netflix because there’s a chance you’ll get sucked in and binge another episode. Save them for later when you are ready to relax with your veggie lasagna.



Mental Check In 2



Since we’re all lacking in-person social communication now more than ever, video chat apps like Zoom make it easy to connect. Utilize Slack chats and Google Hangouts for casual conversations with co-workers. Have a virtual happy hour or celebrate birthdays via video calls as well.



I hope these ideas will help you get through your work day.  I also recommend listening to a Spotify playlist and keeping a full glass of water on your desk to stay hydrated. What are some things you currently do to create a stable WFH environment? Let us know in the comments below. 




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