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Awareness 101



We created an infographic to give you a run down on how much the meat industry impacts the environment. Please feel free to download this and share with your friends, family or someone in the general vicinity. 

Refer to instructions here. Make copies and distribute to your friends, family, or everywhere. It's filled with tons of awesome info that's easy understand.






Tofu is made from soybeans, water and a coagulant, or curdling agent. It is high in protein and calcium and well known for its ability to absorb new flavors through spices and marinades. Used to make a variety of things including South West Scrambles, Chilaquiles, Dressings, Miso Soup, Stir Fry, BBQ burger patties, etc. 


Tempeh is made from cooked and slightly fermented soybeans and formed into a patty, similar to a very firm veggie burger. Makes awesome bacon. 


Seitan is a high-protein product, usually made of wheat flour, spelt flour or gluten. Used to make Taco meat, burger patties, chicken fingers, and other substitutes for meat. 


Slang for Nutritional Yeast which is deactivated yeast. Yellow in color, nutty in taste and flaky in texture, it's used to make dressings, sauces, cheese substitutes, seasonings to name a few. 

Manufacturing locally means less of an environmental impact, full transparency and true ethical manufacturing.

The workers involved in making our apparel are paid wages that meet or exceed California minimum wage. Our manufacturers have socially responsible operations, with fair, safe and healthy working conditions.

Since we are manufacturing locally it allows us to visit the facilities we use and meet the workers who make BxB garments face to face. It’s important to us to know exactly how our garments are made and be confident in the way they are made. We’d like to share that process with you.



It starts with yarn that gets milled and knitted into high quality fabric in local facilities. Then this fabric gets cut based on a pattern. The pattern pieces are sewn together creating a functional garment.


Once the tees have been constructed they are sent to our dye house. Using low impact dyes, the tees are dyed with a custom color, wash or tie dye treatment that makes each one a truly unique piece. Garment dying creates a soft hand feel and are also pre-shrunk for a better fit.


After the tees have been dyed they head over to our female owned screen printer at Deluxe Screen Printing that carefully prints each garment by hand using superior vegan eco friendly inks.


The final stage of this process includes adding any of the following when necessary: special labels, hang tags, cutting shirts into crop tops and folding to be prepared for shipping in our eco-friendly packaging from Eco-Enclose.

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