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BxB 1-Year Anniversary Photo Re-cap

BxB 1-Year Anniversary Photo Re-cap

We had blast at our 1-Year anniversary event this past Saturday!! Guests were welcomed by the ladies from Pulp Pantry sampling their sustainable snacks made with excess fruit and vegetable fibers from local juiceries. The Photo Booth was a hit with the cut out pro veg props. As you entered the main room the funky soul sounds were being thrown down by William(a local vegan himself) of LA DEEJAY CO. BEETxBEET tees were slinging left and right while Nicora Johns amazing shoe raffle display was cozied up next to SirFredGear(a local vegan artist) painting a portrait of Ellen DeGeneres.


Out Back the beer and booch were flowin’ as the crowd eagerly awaited grub from freshly made 100TACOS (your choice of Chorizo or Black Bean) and hot out of the oven slices (Vegan Veggie or Seitan Meats Jesus) from Pizzanista! To keep cool miss Rawkbaby had us covered with her flavor filled raw organic vegan popsicles. For those with a sweet tooth Life is Sweet Bakery brought her A-Game serving up Cinnamon Rolls and Pop-Tarts! Stop-it! Tah-Die! Plenty of water from our friends at Boxed Water was available as well as my favorite Kombucha from Better Booch(that rose flavor though).


Congrats to the winners of our raffle giveaways!


Nicora Johns Shoes Winner


Rawkbaby Cookbook + Snack Box Winner


MeatEater Swag Bag Winner

I had called out to the crowd for all meat eaters or people who were thinking about transitioning their lifestyle to veganism to come forward. So I did a raffle for the swag bag in hopes that the contents inside would help persuade them. Hopefully the winner will keep their promise in trying out all of the insane free products inside and maybe make a recipe or two from the signed Thug Kitchen cookbook.



Overall, it was a great success with good vibes all around. Special thanks to Deluxe Screen Printing for hosting the beautiful space. This was also a chance for people to see where I get my t-shirts printed. They are all done by hand from the talented crew of Deluxe. Thanks to Jane Derryberry of Legenderryberry Productions for helping make this event possible as well as to the vendors, contributors and supporters. Thanks to everyone for making it a fantastic night of fun! Until next time,


Love & Beets!


- Jacky


See all event photos on our Facebook Page


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