BxB Podcast | EP003 | Vanessa Espinoza

“I challenge people to give it a try and see how much better you feel, how much better your workouts are gonna be, your recovery time…I feel like I can work out twice a day, day after day after day and it’s not just because I’m super human, it’s because I’m fueling my body with the right foods and I swear by it.”

- Vanessa Espinoza aka Plant-Based Muscle

Our guest on todays episode is Vanessa Espinoza. Vanessa explains how she has built her rock hard body over the years through dedication, commitment and consistency relying on plants as a way to achieve her best self. Proving her worth in the weight room and in the boxing ring Vanessa brings a fresh perspective to the male-dominated industry with 16 years of experience lifting, 10 years of personal training and 13 years of living compassionately. We discuss how female’s can sustain and build muscles just like men without the need for animal products. If you are curious how you could build a stronger body without harming others, Vanessa can show you the way.


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