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Gender Bender : Spotlight on @devthvally

There's plenty of LGBTQ+ accounts out there I've come across and started to follow on Instagram over the past few years. One that has stood out to me more recently is @devthvally in particular because not only do I stalk their page for style inspo but noticed they are vegan and outspoken about social justice causes as well. I wanted to interview Olly to shed a light on gender constructs and open the conversation up for some education so we can all get a little more comfortable with the subject. I hope this interview can help you gain knowledge or inspire you or make you feel supported. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think and if you want us to keep doing these...

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    “IF I KNEW ALL THE THINGS I KNOW TODAY, I WOULD HAVE GONE VEGAN SO MUCH EARLIER IN MY LIFE.” Multi-talented and self-taught musician Hunter Burgan plays bass for punk influenced rock band, AFI. Hunter shares some stories with us about finding a vegan lifestyle and growing up in a musically inclined family.  . . . I grew up around a lot of music, my father is a musician and there was always music in the house whether it was his band rehearsing or the family jukebox. As soon as I was able to play an instrument I would pick up anything and play it—the piano or my dad’s guitar, eventually saxophone, drums—anything. It always felt like a natural thing, but I never...

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  LISTEN NOW  BEETxBEET PODCAST | EP006 | Holiday Survival With Jason Wrobel   Today on the show is Jason Wrobel, a vegan chef and wellness expert whom you might know from the first primetime cooking series on the Cooking Chanel called How to Live to 100 or maybe from his popular YouTube channel the J-Wro Show or maybe his new Cookbook Eaternity which dropped this year or if you are in LA you might have seen him perform his hilarious stand up act at a local comedy club. A jack of all trades, a creature of habit, a devout cat lover Jason Wrobel brings his A game in this episode as we sift through many vegan myths, dive into...

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PODCAST EP005 | Andy Tabar

LISTEN NOW  Andy Tabar is an animal rights activist and the founder of the t-shirt company Compassion Co. which boasts beautiful illustrative artwork on environmentally friendly tees in order to affect social change by setting a positive example and creating opportunities for conversations with others. Andy has been a vegan for 9 years and was involved in the hardcore/punk rock scene for many years after starting a band in high school. Through his travels with his band he found veganism and a love of t-shirts in art form. From this Compassion Co was born. Now a nomad on the road to conquer as many veg fests as possible, Andy blows my mind with his minimal living philosophy traveling around the...

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BxB Podcast | EP003 | Vanessa Espinoza

“I challenge people to give it a try and see how much better you feel, how much better your workouts are gonna be, your recovery time…I feel like I can work out twice a day, day after day after day and it’s not just because I’m super human, it’s because I’m fueling my body with the right foods and I swear by it.” - Vanessa Espinoza aka Plant-Based Muscle ------------------------------------------Our guest on todays episode is Vanessa Espinoza. Vanessa explains how she has built her rock hard body over the years through dedication, commitment and consistency relying on plants as a way to achieve her best self. Proving her worth in the weight room and in the boxing ring Vanessa brings...

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