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BxB PODCAST 001 with Ruby Roth

BxB PODCAST 001 with Ruby Roth

You guys! Guess what!? We started a podcast

This is the first of a series we are starting called Vegan Myth Busters.

We will be chatting with several active inspirational leaders in the community to bust common myths about the vegan lifestyle as they give their expert advice and drop some knowledge to set the record straight for those who are less informed. What we would love to accomplish with this series is to expand the minds of those who might be skeptical or have questions about the vegan lifestyle. So this podcast is not for vegans only, it’s for everyone so please share with your friends and family. and whoever you think might benefit from it.

Our first guest on the podcast is Ruby Roth. For those of you who don’t know of Ruby she is an artist, illustrator, speaker, and author of vegan and vegetarian books for children and all around bad ass babe. Ruby has been vegan for 13 years and has written four books since her first in 2009 each with a different illustrative style and clever educational themes. Her newest title The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids is designed to get all kids into the kitchen and create healthy eating habits.

Ruby’s books have of course stirred up controversy in main stream media attacking her for scaring kids with her graphic portrayals of how animals are treated (if you could see me now i’m using quotes with my hands) and how it could be dangerous to subject children to such things at a young age instilling fear or even going as far to threaten veganism causing eating disorders. SMH.

This is the kind of thing we will be discussing with Ruby on the show. For the the record, Ruby does not tout herself as a doctor or nutrition specialist but with her 13 years of eating whole plant based foods and many years of experience teaching kids about the vegan lifestyle she is a great example of how you can live a happy, healthy, cruelty-free life with your children.

Listen on Soundcloud

:: More Ruby Roth ::
Her latest book:…eywords=ruby+roth
Instagram: @ruby_roth, @wedonteatanimals


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