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Interview with The Minimalist Vegan

Interview with The Minimalist Vegan

Simplicity. That is what my friends Masha & Michael of The Minimalist Vegan embody. It's their mantra. I have been lucky enough to stumble upon their site about a year ago and we have kept in touch via skype and email since. Hailing from Canberra, Australia, The Minimalist Vegan as they explain (not to be confused with The Minimalist Baker) is lifestyle that promotes eating well and living mindfully. A lifestyle that M&M strives to live each and every day, and they’re here to help you do the same. 

They were so kind to want to have me as a guest on their A Tea With... series. I'm so grateful to know this special couple. Whom actually recently just tied the knot which is so exciting! Just talking to them right away you can feel all of the good vibes hovering around them. I'm subscribed to their newsletter so it's been wonderful seeing their journey over the short time we have known each other. I will tell you a little secret. I don't normally like to read the newsletters I subscribe to BUT theirs is honestly one I take the time out of my day to look through because I feel like they offer really valid information that helps me through my day. I just love the content they put out there. Minimalism is definitely something we have in common not only as it reflects in my brand but in my life as well. 

::Side Note::
I did want to mention that I make a statement in the interview about switching all of our stuff to organic which is something I have been very much hard at work trying to figure out but I didn't realize just how tough this puzzle was going to be to put together so just a heads up we are running into lots of technical difficulties with that and it might take us longer than expected BUT it has always been a main goal for us to achieve. We are hoping that by the end of this year we will have figured out a solution to our organic problems. I've actually thought about making a video for you guys explaining the process of what we are going through and how hard it is to accomplish. 
::/Side Note::

M&M also have another amazing company called Fairlings (website coming soon and name inspired by the documentary Earthlings) which is a one stop shop for essential day-to-day products that are fair trade, vegan, eco and organic. Stoked to see that get up and running! 

You can find The Minimalist Vegan on these social platforms:

Instagram: @theminimalistvegan

Fairlings Instagram: @fairlingscompany

With that said here is A Tea With BEETxBEET


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