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PODCAST EP005 | Andy Tabar

PODCAST EP005 | Andy Tabar


Andy Tabar is an animal rights activist and the founder of the t-shirt company Compassion Co. which boasts beautiful illustrative artwork on environmentally friendly tees in order to affect social change by setting a positive example and creating opportunities for conversations with others. Andy has been a vegan for 9 years and was involved in the hardcore/punk rock scene for many years after starting a band in high school. Through his travels with his band he found veganism and a love of t-shirts in art form. From this Compassion Co was born. Now a nomad on the road to conquer as many veg fests as possible, Andy blows my mind with his minimal living philosophy traveling around the US with his entire life inside of his van. Andy also has a great podcast he co-hosts called The Bearded Vegans.


Andy has notably completed three tours with FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement) 10 billion lives tour. Today we discuss the topic of body shaming in the vegan community and the myth that if you are vegan you must be a skinny hippie white girl.


Unfortunately, Andy has dealt with fat shaming/ body shaming and opens up to tell us his experience and why this is an important subject to shed light on and spread awareness to help people in similar situations and change the views of others. 




:: More Andy ::









THE FLAMING TSUNAMIS (Andy’s former band)


BIG FAT VEGAN ZINE (Resource and support for Fat Shaming)




Dulce Vegan Bakery, Atlanta


Avra Epstein, Love Wild Live Free Blog

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