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Top 5 Vegan Comfort Food Fixes In Portland

Top 5 Vegan Comfort Food Fixes In Portland

Portland is one of my all time favorite cities to visit. The main reason is all of the epic vegan food they have to offer. With too many amazing restaurants to name, I chose to select a handful of my favorite to highlight some comfort food classics. These are definitely spots you don’t want to miss when visiting.


(In no particular order)



Doe Donuts Portland

This unsuspecting donut shop may be tiny but it’s also mighty. Serving up some of Portland’s finest deep fried treats. They offer a selection of sweet and savory donuts including mac n’ cheese, brownie batter and lychee berry to name a few. The special the day I went was a Blueberry Cheesecake donut. I couldn’t resist as cheesecake is one of my favorite deserts.  I’ve had Doe once before so I knew I couldn’t really go wrong with the real blueberry glaze, cheesecake drizzle and graham crumbs topping. It was as satisfying as it sounds.


#2: BYE & BYE

Bye & Bye Portland BBQ Platter

Bye & Bye Portland Pretzel Knots

A classic bar with punk rock vibes is right up my alley. The food here is what I like to call, “old skool” vegan. No fluff or fancy plating, just good ol’ vegan food that never disappoints. You’ll find a selection of mostly bowls and sandwiches on the menu. Here I chose to go back to my southern roots and get the BBQ Platter - BBQ tofu, black-eyed peas, collard greens, and toasted baguette for sopping up the sauce. Mmmmm! Mmmmm! And of course you can’t come here without ordering their popular Pretzel Knots. Bring on the carbs!



Rudy's Gourmet Pizza

Rudy's Gourmet Pizza

Speaking of carbs, let’s load up on some more! Are you a sports fan? Me either, but this place is decked out like your Dad’s sports themed man cave from the 60’s. So make sure to bring him here to watch a game and help you finish the pie. For cheese, they use a mix of Follow Your Heart, Violife and Daiya. The menu is extensive and offers crazy pizza flavor combos like Ru’s Dill Pickle Pizza, Chick’n Bacon Alfredo, and Vegan Ru-ban like a Rueben Sandwich. They even have a “Team Pineapple” section with 3 different pizzas that include pineapple. Yaaassss. Don’t worry, you can still order classic pizzas as well. There are lots of sauce, meat and GF options too! Pictured are the Pepperoni Cheesy Bread sticks with jalapeño, Chick’n & Garlic Pizza with alfredo sauce and finally the Dill Pickle Pizza. Time for a nap.



Dinger's Deli Italian Sub

I love the cute little cart markets they have set up all around Portland. And Omg! I have found the best sub sandwich you can buy. Seriously, the Italian sub is my favorite! It’s the size of my head, so massive you could probably break it into two meals or share with a friend, if you’re like, a nice person. Don’t leave Portland without putting this in your mouth. Yeah, I said it.



Off The Griddle Portland

Calling all pumpkin spice fans! Yep, it doesn’t need to be holiday season for you to get your hands on a decadent pumpkin spice flavored waffle. You know I had to, it was summer but it felt like fall. Formerly known as A.N.D Cafe, their menu offers a variety of comfort classics that make it difficult to choose from since you want to order everything. I went with the “Awesome Plate” 1/2 Waffle, Maple Syrup, Tempeh Bacon, Fresh Greens, Herb Tofu. I also couldn’t resist getting a biscuit with jam on the side. Can’t wait to go back.


What are some of your favorite Portland restaurants? Comment below to let me know!

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  • Portland!!
    Best burger: Black Water Bar – dark n dingy rock bar (their fry sauce – I wish I could put in a camelbak)
    Best fro-yo: Sugarpine Drive-In (rotating weekly seasonal flavor of coconut soft serve!) or Eb & Bean – half vegan menu!
    Best breakfast bowl: Back To Eden Bakery. And all gluten free too! Amaaaazing bakery selection & awesome ice cream.
    Best fun brunch: No Bones Beach Club – an all vegan tiki bar with amazing tofu Benedict.

    Portland is heaven.

  • Every trip to Portland must include this place!


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