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Vegan Options At JFK International Airport

Vegan Options At JFK International Airport

Recently, I was traveling in New York for the Vegandale festival. I flew out of JFK to go back home to LA and had some extra time to kill at the airport so I figured I'd track down all the vegan options I could find and make this blog post. Hopefully this will be helpful to other vegans traveling through. I was flying Alaska Airlines so this review is only for Terminal 7. 



This is a news stand type of place that sells everything from books to apparel to snacks. They had a surprising amount of vegan snacks including: 

Unreal - Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Hippeas Chickpea Puffs - Nacho Vibes Flavor

Larabar - Peanut Butter & Chocolate Protein Bar

Made Good - Granola Bites in a variety of flavors

Lots of nuts and dried fruit snacks

Oh Snap! Pickling Co. - Dilly Bites, Pickle Cuts

Mixed Fruit Cup

Vegan At JFK Hudson

Vegan At JFK Hudson

Vegan At JFK Airport Hudson

Vegan At JFK Airport Hudson




Veggie Sushi - California Vegetable Roll

Apartment 21 JFK Airport Vegan

Burger Joint

Has Impossible Burger and Fries. *Did not check if bread is vegan.

Burger Joint JFK Airport Vegan

Burger Joint JFK Airport Vegan




Grilled Vegetable Bowl with Tofu
*Might want to ask what kind of sauce they use to make sure fish sauce is not in it.

Miso Soup

Kobeyaki JFK Airport Vegan

Kobeyaki JFK Airport Vegan



Deli next to Kobeyaki

Vegan California Roasted Vegetable Sandwich

Hummus & Red Pepper Sandwich

Kevita Kombucha

 Vegan at JFK Airport

Vegan at JFK Airport


There was also another deli type place in the same area that carried a few flavors of Beanfields chips. Overall I'd say not a bad selection of vegan options in this terminal. Do you know of any other vegan options at JFK? Comment below! 

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