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Defund The Police: People's Budget LA

Defund The Police: People's Budget LA

What does Defund The Police Mean?

Care not cops. People might think this is a radical idea but ultimately, it means re-funding social services. In communities of color police don't make their communities safe, in fact, they create more oppression and violence. These communities are asking for help that will strengthen and create safe environments for the community.

"Investments in communities is what drives public safety. Well-resourced communities are safer communities. More police isn’t the way to more public safety. More police can actually lead to more crime and distrust of police."

- People's Budget of LA

Defunding the police will not end racist policing but it's a first step towards removing some of the power and presence they wield against Black members of our community. People's Budget of LA has many great resources on this topic that I encourage you to take some time reading.

Learn the origins of policing in this article that explains that police were created as a form of Slave Catching. This is a great Instagram post with common questions and answers about Abolishing the Police. More places you can seek information:


Take action in helping support People's Budget LA and defund the Police.

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Mayor Eric Garcetti's decision to reevaluate his budget to find $150 million to remove from the $3 billion LAPD budget is too little, too late. His reapportionment proposal would still leave the LAPD with over 50% of unrestricted funds. We need him to #DefundThePolice.

Every Monday in June, the LA City Council meets to finalize the city budget so we need our friends and neighbors to call & email our representatives every day for the next month to tell them to adopt the LA People's Budget and defund the LAPD. You don't have to live in LA to do this. 

Action for Monday June 8th 1-2PM PST:


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