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We are honored to be featured on the BELLA+CANVAS blog with our Animal Liberation design to show how Discharge Printing works on their new black heather fabrics. This video was shot on location at Deluxe Screen Printing.  We love using B+C blanks because they are sweatshop free, made here in Los Angeles and are fashion forward with a super soft feel.  Check out the blog post and video.   Discharge Printing on BELLA+CANVAS Black Heather from BELLA+CANVAS on Vimeo.            

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  LISTEN NOW  BEETxBEET PODCAST | EP006 | Holiday Survival With Jason Wrobel   Today on the show is Jason Wrobel, a vegan chef and wellness expert whom you might know from the first primetime cooking series on the Cooking Chanel called How to Live to 100 or maybe from his popular YouTube channel the J-Wro Show or maybe his new Cookbook Eaternity which dropped this year or if you are in LA you might have seen him perform his hilarious stand up act at a local comedy club. A jack of all trades, a creature of habit, a devout cat lover Jason Wrobel brings his A game in this episode as we sift through many vegan myths, dive into...

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PODCAST EP005 | Andy Tabar

LISTEN NOW  Andy Tabar is an animal rights activist and the founder of the t-shirt company Compassion Co. which boasts beautiful illustrative artwork on environmentally friendly tees in order to affect social change by setting a positive example and creating opportunities for conversations with others. Andy has been a vegan for 9 years and was involved in the hardcore/punk rock scene for many years after starting a band in high school. Through his travels with his band he found veganism and a love of t-shirts in art form. From this Compassion Co was born. Now a nomad on the road to conquer as many veg fests as possible, Andy blows my mind with his minimal living philosophy traveling around the...

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Our Trip To Toronto Veg Fest!

  I traveled all the way to Toronto Canada for Veg Fest 2016! Here’s some highlights of what I ate and a look at some of my favorite vendors. MORE ABOUT VEG FEST————————• John Lewis aka @BadAssVegan• Avra Epstein @LoveWildLiveFree• Anne-Marie Campbell @MeatFreeAthlete• Mac n’ Cheese from Doug McNish -• Strawberry Sundae Waffle from Sweet Teeth -• Sprinkles Donut & London Fog Donut from - TBC Bakery -• Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream from Oat+Mill -• Tori’s Bakeshop -• Zengarry Fauxmagerie -• Apocalypse Now! -• Gusta -• Yam Chops -• Ital Vital -• Unbaked Co. -• Wully Outerwear -• Sudsatorium -• Mercy For Animals - viita• Sea Shepherd -  

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Podcast EP 004 | Michelle Cehn & Toni Okamoto

“The foundation of being able to sustain yourself on a very tight budget is already vegan food. ” “There’s so many products on the market right now that make transitioning to veganism a lot easier than it has ever been.”   - Michelle Cehn & Toni Okamoto ------------------------------------------ Our guests on todays episode are Michelle Cehn & Toni Okamoto. Michelle Cehn is on a mission to make the world a kinder place on video at a time. She is the founder of World of Vegan and YouTube personality who has reached millions through her creative, relative, and engaging vegan videos. She has over 21k subscribers on YT and over 52k followers on IG. She is all about showing people that...

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Featured in Das Vegan Magazin - Deutschland

Wow! How cool is this? Our Go Vegan Right Meow children's tee has been featured in Das Vegan Magazin. Even though we do not actually sell this shirt anymore in a children's size it's cool to see it in a publication. We decided not to make the children's size anymore because it was hard to sell but lately we have had inquiries for it. Hmmm, should we re-stock it? You tell us!  

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